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The highest form of the perforating art.


We offer highly customized, precision perforated metal and perforated services to our customers. Most of the time we can provide custom perforating to you with no additional die cost by using tooling from our extensive die bank. This gives you a very economical way to get the versatility of custom perforating without the expense of custom dies. And if your needs require highly specialized or unique designs, from the highly intricate to the relatively simple, H&K can work with you. Let us discuss the extent to which custom dies might be necessary, and how best to keep tooling costs to the absolute minimum.

  • Custom designed solutions.
    Keep in mind, standard perforating usually involves uniform patterns of standard-size holes punched all across the sheet or coil. On the other hand, custom perforating by H&K is infinitely more versatile. For example, we can easily vary the distance between the holes and provide you with perforations in almost any size, shape and arrangement you may need. So – let your imagination go.
  • Versatility without limits.
    For both long runs and short runs, there’s virtually no limit to the designs H&K can perforate for you; curved patterns, parts with irregular hole spacing, designs within designs, intermittent solid areas, decorative effects and much more. Of course, we can easily produce blank areas anywhere you desire for functional or decorative purposes, such as where you require mounting holes or need to attach brand nameplates, identification tags or instruction plates.
  • More options. Less cost.
    H&K’s perforating presses, equipped with computerized-programmable feed systems, will vastly expand your custom design options. And lower your costs. In order to ensure extreme accuracy, our custom perforating conforms to Industrial Perforators Association standards and ASTM specifications.


Through thick and thin.


Our customers require exact hole placement, shape, and material specifications. H&K Perforating can perforate materials from .008″ foil-thin to 1″(25.4mm) thick plate, sheets up to 18 feet in length (5486 mm), coils, and many special shapes.

  • Hole Sizes
    A rule of thumb is that the hole dimension should be greater than or equal to the thickness of the material. Our wide range of industry standard dies runs from .010″ (.254mm) to 9″ (229mm) diameter. If you require a die that isn’t already in our die bank, our experienced tool and die makers can quickly make exactly what you need at a reasonable cost.
  • Shapes
    Choose from tooling capable of perforating round, square, oblong, triangle, slot, hex, oval, diamond and a broad variety of odd-shaped holes.
  • Materials
    We can work with both metallic and non-metallic material including, but not limited to: carbon steel, brass, galvanized steel, bronze, stainless steel, copper, nickel silver, composites, nickel alloys, plastics, aluminum, rubber-coated, aluminum materials, prepainted materials, iron, and many more.


Setting the standard for the hole world.


From high-tech uses to a multitude of aesthetic applications, custom perforating by H&K Perforating provides solutions to an array of engineering and design requirements.

Today, you’ll find H&K Custom Designed Perforating used in quality home products, automotive, acoustics, architecture, interior design, displays, manufacturing, safety flooring, agriculture, pollution control, transportation, mining, electronics and many other fields.

  • Easy, fast and inexpensive.
    Our extensive perforating facilities include the world’s most advanced computerized sectional presses. For your prototypes and short-run jobs, this capability enables H&K to precision-perforate at an economical price competitive with slower techniques. It also means that lead time and turn-around are much quicker, with little or no tooling costs involved.
  • Fabricating and finishing.
    H&K can furnish you with custom perforated shapes in flat form which can then be perfectly matched to your own subsequent manufacturing operations. Or, better yet, we can save you time and cost by making the complete part for you.
    Besides custom perforating, we also offer a full range of in-house and out-sourced secondary fabricating and finishing operations, which include: leveling, shearing, circle shearing, bar coding/labeling, custom packaging, degreasing, deburring, forming, blanking, painting/ powder coating, anodizing, welding, polishing, joining, bending, rolling.
  • Computer-controlled precision.
    Our presses have computer-controlled feed systems handling sheets up to 84″ by 216″ (2133 mm x 5486 mm) and thickness up to 1″ (25.4 mm). They can achieve 1-to-1 ratios of hole diameter to sheet thickness, even in heavy-gauge plate materials. Just as important, your perforated parts are produced with an accuracy of .004″ (non-accumulating) – an unheralded accuracy figure with conventional perforating.
  • For prototypes and short runs, from 1 to 1000 parts.
    H&K’s powerhouse presses are engineered to fill your short-run perforating needs – up to 1000 pieces or more. This makes it economical to produce your prototype parts before building production tooling. (For longer production runs, our time-tested conventional presses may be most cost effective.)
    Our sectional presses are ideal for perforating single replacement parts, as well as for new equipment fabrications, such as mining screens, extractor plates, hammermill screens, etc.
  • This press never forgets.
    Computer memory is used to store instructions for the pattern being perforated and every movement of these presses. Once programmed, these instructions can be maintained in the system to reliably produce identical pieces as often as needed, today or years in the future.